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One Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Sydney

Why Buy A One Bedroom Apartment in Sydney?

When it comes to buying an apartment in Sydney, one-bedroom apartments are the most popular choice for people. They are smaller compared with larger apartment types but still offer a comfortable living space for any couple or growing family. If you have ever wondered whether our one-bedroom apartments are ideal for your needs, here is some helpful information.

1) Affordable Price Tags

One of the major benefits when it comes to one-bedroom apartments in Sydney is that they are usually more affordable than larger model apartments. More space generally means that there will be more money tied up in the value of the property which often translates into higher monthly mortgage repayments. With one-bedroom apartments, although there may not be as much room to spread out and relax inside, the purchase price tends to be lower which means there should be less pressure on your wallet each month.

2) Flexible Living Spaces

Depending on the amount of furniture and other items you want to add, a one-bedroom apartment can often feel much roomier than it actually is. There are ways that you can make a smaller living space seem bigger including using mirrors in strategic places, light paint colours and hanging up lots of artwork or photos around your living area. Even if a one-bedroom apartment looks small from an outsider’s perspective, with some creativity you could open up the entire home to give it more space.

3) Fits Your Lifestyle Needs

You may have been thinking about downsizing for quite some time but don’t want to sacrifice too much in the way of living space to do so. With a one-bedroom apartment, you can make a fresh start without having to give up an entire home’s worth of space and fittings. The design of one-bedroom apartments means there is always plenty of storage space for all your belongings, especially with all our apartments coming equipped with walk-in wardrobes.

4) Ideal For Singles, Couples, First Home Buyers

One-bedroom apartments in Sydney were designed for first home buyers, with couples in mind who didn’t need all that extra unused space taking up their living quarters, or for those who live by themselves, where there is undoubtedly plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your personal space. For example, having just one bedroom opens up more floor space throughout the rest of the apartment for hangers, shelves or storage boxes. Being able to come home from work every day with only your essentials to unpack is a huge plus to personal freedom.

5) Security Features

For some people who live alone in one-bedroom apartments in Sydney, security is always on their mind when they go out during the day or try to sleep at night. Although one-bedroom models are generally compact and don’t take up as much space on the property, there are still some security features which you can benefit from at all times. Check with our sales agents to know what security features come with our one-bedroom apartments.

6) Easy To Clean

A one-bedroom apartment is generally easier to maintain because of its more compact size, which means that you will not spend hours every week cleaning everything by hand. You may find that there isn’t quite enough room for a full-sized vacuum cleaner but smaller models should be sufficient.

7) Convenience Of Central Location

Our one-bedroom apartments for sale in Sydney are all located close to major CBDs which means that all your work and social needs can easily be met on foot or by public transport. Close proximity to restaurants, entertainment venues, cinemas, shopping centres and parks is just another benefit of choosing an apartment with ALAND so you never have to travel far for fun things to do when the weekend rolls around again.

8.) Lower Emission Rate For Your Budget And The Environment

One-bedroom apartments will have lower emission rates, meaning that the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year is significantly less than larger properties with more rooms. This makes your choice of living in a smaller apartment a more environmentally friendly one.

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