ALAND expedites Schofield Gardens sales launch due to unprecedented demand

Industry leading construction and property development company ALAND has brought forward the much anticipated release of Breynia, stage six of its Schofield Gardens development, as demand for high quality apartments across Greater Western Sydney skyrockets.

Originally scheduled to be released in early 2022, 177 off-the-plan apartments go on sale this weekend, in what is expected to generate major buyer interest, among both first home buyers and investors.

“Having sold 646 units since the stage one launch in October 2019, we are experiencing hyper demand for our apartments at Schofield Gardens as buyers take advantage of the low interest rate environment and booming property market,” said ALAND Sales Director Mark Bernberg.

“People are looking to get into the market as Sydney property continues to heat up.”

The heightened demand reflects renewed buyer interest throughout Greater Western Sydney, as young families look to realise the Australian dream of owning their own homes, and as investors increasingly look to promising growth corridors with potential for robust yields.

Schofields and surrounding areas are set to be the recipients of $500 million in government funded infrastructure over the next four years.  The 2016 Census clocked the population of the area to be around 41,000, but that is estimated to grow to over 120,000 people by 2036. The Schofields Precinct was rezoned by the NSW government in 2012 and new planning controls were put in place to allow for urban development, which the government said at the time would include nearly 3,000 new homes.