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Who we are

ALAND Realty offers a comprehensive property management service, primarily for apartments within the ALAND portfolio. The division was established to provide a turnkey solution for ALAND customers, whether they are first-home buyers or long-term investors. Our highly motivated team handles the company’s rent roll and also offers our valued customers a professional investment management service.

From the construction phase right through to completion, and beyond, ALAND Realty is here to support customers on every stage of their property journey. With years of experience, our property management group has set new standards in the Sydney market.

Who better to manage your investment than ALAND Realty?

Why lease your property through us?

Composed of experienced Property Managers and leasing consultants, the ALAND Realty team is dedicated to making sure tenants and landlords are supported and well-informed throughout the entire rental process. Being a subsidiary of ALAND means that we have an intimate knowledge of our own projects, their unique selling points and the surrounding communities. This expertise allows ALAND Realty to efficiently source quality tenants for our investment clients.

If you would like to discuss your investment property goals, occupancy terms, the current rental property market or any issues relating to yourown apartment, the ALAND Realty team is here for you.

Services we provide

  • Pre-Settlement Advantage

    Gain a competitive edge with exclusive early access for showcasing your property and hosting open-house events, a privilege only the developer can provide. This positions us to secure tenants for your investment property even before settlement, kickstarting your revenue from day one.

  • Efficient Financial Management

    Strata, council, water and other outgoing expenses are seamlessly managed using your rental income and organised in-house with ALAND, ensuring a hassle-free experience for property owners.

  • Prompt Maintenance Services

    Access a network of trusted tradespeople and original installers for repairs and warranty call-outs, ensuring the efficient upkeep of your property.

  • Seamless Warranty Claims

    Leveraging our in-house partnership with the developer, we ensure warranty claims are effortless, thereby saving you the time-consuming process of handling the matter yourself.

  • Post-Construction Support

    Benefit from our strong relationship with the aftercare team, ensuring that any defects are promptly addressed and resolved.

  • Rigorous Tenant Selection

    We meticulously screen rental applications, ensuring that only suitable and reliable tenants are considered for your investment property

  • Residential Tenancy Agreement Management

    We handle all aspects of lease agreements and renewals, offering you peace of mind and a seamless rental experience.

  • Thorough Property Inspections

    Our dedicated team conducts detailed ingoing, outgoing, and periodic inspections, safeguarding the condition and value of your property, ensuring your peace of mind, and providing essential support for potential insurance

  • Cost-Effective Management Fees:

    Enjoy the advantages of our competitive management fees, optimising financial returns on your investment.

  • Expert Tribunal Support

    We handle tribunal preparation and attendance, ensuring that your interests are well-protected and represented when necessary.

  • Market Dominance

    Partner with a team that commands a dominant position in each building or complex, leveraging our expertise to enhance your property’s market value.

  • Preserving Property Quality

    Our meticulous attention to detail, coupled with our profound insight into each ALAND project, guarantees the enduring quality of your property from one tenant to another.

  • Strategic Property Promotion

    Benefit from our expertise in exceptional marketing and advertising strategies which are tailored to showcase your property effectively.

  • Leverage Industry Expertise

    Access the valuable knowledge and experience of real estate industry professionals, enabling you to receive informed and effective recommendations.

  • Maximise Revenue Potential

    Enhance your rental income by precisely assessing and charging your tenants for essential utilities and services, ensuring you capture all rightful earnings and prevent any revenue loss.

  • Streamlined Financial Reporting

    Access consolidated end-of-financial-year data, simplifying your tax and financial reporting obligations.

  • Financial Benefits

    Enjoy access to discounted depreciation schedules, enhancing your property investment’s financial returns.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

    Allow us to organise landlord insurance tailored to your needs, providing peace of mind while protecting your investment.

  • Streamlined Insurance Claims

    Allow us to efficiently handle insurance claims on your behalf, streamlining the process and reducing any disruption to earnings from your investment property.

  • Amy McCann
  • Amy McCann
    Head of Property Management

    Amy leads the property management team within ALAND Realty, a sub-division of the ALAND group which handles all internal and external sales, as well as offering an investment management service. Amy oversees the management of ALAND Realty’s rent roll and ensures that clients enjoy the best possible service and results.

What our clients say

Purchased an off-the-plan apartment at Schofield Gardens and am very happy with the quality of fit out. All the fixtures were of solid workmanship and minor defects were promptly resolved before settlement. Our building manager is also efficient and friendly.

Eugene Wang – Purchaser

Thanks to the ALAND sales team for their precious support going through purchasing our properties. They both provided excellent and professional customer service and prompt responses to all our queries. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with ALAND

Frederique Balard – Purchaser

Buying a property has not always been an easy thing to do, nor a quick decision. Well, we probably did one of the biggest decisions so far – buying our first property in Sydney. And it went so smoothly, which we didn’t expect

Sharon Gayagoy – Purchaser

Aland provides a very professional service. They understand that the person wanting to buy is looking for quality and value for money. They have delivered on both fronts. Their dealings with customers are excellent.

Nancy – Purchaser

As a first home buyer buying off the plan, I had no idea what the process involved. The ALAND team were extremely helpful in explaining what needed to be done at every stage. They kept me in the loop with all the updates, ensuring I was comfortable with every decision. They made the whole experience enjoyable. The whole process was great, and I would not hesitate to buy an ALAND apartment again.

Amanda Losurdo – Purchaser

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