Andrew Hrsto

Andrew created ALAND to deliver on his goal of providing quality, aspirational housing, and helping clients and customers to realise their own dreams through property ownership.

As the founder of ALAND more than 20 years’ ago, Andrew has been instrumental in ensuring the group’s success. He is the driver of ALAND’s vision and mission and believes in the power of land development to create positive change.

Andrew created ALAND to deliver on his goal of providing quality, aspirational housing in areas that people want to live in. He believes in building amenity into communities to create a strong value proposition, ensuring that ALAND homes are more of a lifestyle choice than just bricks and mortar.

In recent years, Andrew has stepped into an advisory role within the business, following the appointment of George Tadrosse as CEO. Having stepped away from day-to-day operations, Andrew’s charter is primarily looking for new business – ensuring the company has adequate land holdings for the future.

Ultimately, Andrew’s role in the company is one of leadership – helping to guide the company forward with strong vision and a commitment to excellence. He takes an active role in ensuring ALAND remains at the forefront of the industry and delivering projects that exceed client expectations.

Andrew is proud of the success ALAND has enjoyed over the last two decades and is dedicated to ensuring that the company continues to thrive. He recognises the need for strong leadership and proactive succession planning, which requires an ability to identify and prepare future leaders as well as sharing valuable corporate knowledge.

In the last 5 years, ALAND has exceeded Andrew’s expectations and he attributes this to recognising that his key role is to stay ahead of the external environmental factors affecting the property market, plan a strong pipeline of work and appoint the right people to deliver on driving the company to new heights.