Our strategic approach to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Setting ESG

ALAND has recently formalised a strategic approach to ESG that works towards clear ESG outcomes for the business and its stakeholders.

As part of establishing ALAND’s ESG framework the business undertook:

  • research of material topics reported by relevant benchmarked companies and global ESG standards
  • strategy workshop and stakeholder engagement to discuss and prioritise material topics based on inputs using a materiality matrix to represent topic importance
  • identified and agreed on four broad ESG issues as most relevant for ALAND aligned to Environmental, Social and Governance pillars.

ALAND’s vision is to provide industry leading, sustainable, quality homes and this is supported by our ESG framework and ambitions.

ESG framework and priority areas

  • 1


    Under the banner of ‘Product Excellence and Sustainability’, ALAND is pledged to deliver best-in-class apartment and mixed-use developments which stand the test of time, while also meeting our diverse stakeholder needs including optimising returns and minimising our impacts on the environment. Priority areas include reducing carbon emissions by using solar power, providing communal green space and rainwater harvesting and re-use. Schofield Gardens, our masterplanned community in Sydney’s North-West, demonstrates how sustainable technology can achieve better environmental outcomes, and build greater social connectivity.

  • 2


    Our social commitment is divided into two parts: ‘Protecting People’ and ‘Developing People’. We believe that the people who work for ALAND, our contractors and partners, should work in a safe environment, and one that respects human rights. Priority areas include health and safety, and the supply chain. ALAND is committed to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace in which stakeholders are educated and upskilled in order to achieve developmental, physical, and financial well-being.

  • 3

    Corporate Governance

    ALAND is committed to acting responsibly across all of our diverse business operations. Our Executive Team provides oversight and policy direction on ALAND’s environmental, social and governance performance. Our strategic initiatives integrate good governance, transparency and ethical practices across all business operations. As part of this process, ALAND has developed clearly defined roles and responsibilities for its Executive Team. Regular communication, education and reviewing processes ensure that ALAND’s ESG agenda is being effectively applied within the company, with performance targets being under constant review.

Case Study
Bottlebrush, Schofields

  • award winner schofield gardens
  • best residential development
  • best mid rise development
  • Bottlebrush is a highly regarded, eco-focussed apartment project in Sydney’s fast-growing North-West corridor. Bottlebrush was the first stage in the Schofield Gardens masterplanned precinct, launching to the market in October 2019 and completed in November 2020.

    The five key sustainability features of Bottlebrush are:

    1. Clean Energy. Bottlebrush was designed with the clear purpose of building a cleaner future, in association with commmunity network provider Energy Trade. At the time Bottlebrush had the largest private bank of Tesla Powerwalls in Australia.

    2. Construction. Not only does the development incorporate a range of sustainable features, it has also met and achieved numerous sustainability targets throughout the building and construction stages.

    3. Research & Development. ALAND is at the forefront of building innovation and Bottlebrush saw the introduction of several new materials, such as CSR Hebel PowerPanels. Although these are an established product, they had never been used in a class 2 & 7a residential development before.

  • 4. Alternative Energy. Bottlebrush also features a modern energy network with the power supply, including onsite photovoltaic (PV) capacity and battery storage, three electric vehicle charging stations and a centralised hot water system.

    5. Customer Expectations. Owner-occupiers and investors have chosen Bottlebrush over other developments because of its approach to sustainability and what that means for the future. Setting a high standard for the following construction stages, Bottlebrush sold out off the plan prior to completion.

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