ALAND Founder Andrew Hrsto’s commitment to affordable living

As seen in Domain, ALAND is proud to provide housing options that remain affordable beyond the initial purchase.

ALAND Founder and Director Andrew Hrsto say the business has demonstrated its commitment to affordable living by incorporating sustainable technologies and materials that keep costs low for residents.

“ALAND’s commitment to delivering high-quality affordable apartments doesn’t end at the purchase, it extends the choice of materials and technologies that ensure that our apartments remain an affordable place for residents to live,” says Mr. Hrsto.

In Schofield Gardens’ initial stage, Bottlebrush, located in Sydney’s north-west growth corridor, the development pioneered new construction methods, including the largest power battery wall of any residential apartment development in Australia.

The rooftop design incorporates solar panels with any excess power fed into 24 Tesla backup batteries and reduces the reliance on the traditional grid network.

The revolutionary system delivers around half of the electricity load at no extra cost to residents, while also reducing strata levies and aiding in sustainability. There is at least one Electric Vehicle Charger per 50 apartments.

“The use of durable and long-lasting materials reduces the need for replacement and maintenance as well as producing excellent insulation and reducing the usage of cooling and heating systems,” says Mr. Hrsto.

ALAND’s Schofield Gardens was named the best mid-rise residential development metro at the 2021 Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Awards for its groundbreaking innovative and sustainable design.

ALAND has since gone on to deliver six stages of sustainable development with a seventh stage now underway.

The commitment to affordable living extends beyond Schofield Gardens, with ALAND continuing to demonstrate energy efficiency and eco-friendly measures across all of its developments.

“ALAND is about building communities of the future and our vision has been to lead the way in delivering renewable energy.”

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