Groundbreaking solar and battery storage solution in Sydney apartment building goes ‘Live’

Leading property developer ALAND has teamed up with one of Australia’s fastest-growing community energy network providers Energy Trade to deliver apartment owners in ALAND’s Schofield Gardens complex a groundbreaking solar PV and battery storage solution.

The Hon Ben Franklin MLC yesterday joined Energy Trade and ALAND to officially open the Bottlebrush residential development in Schofields, NSW.

“The development has been thoughtfully designed and built to allow apartment owners to benefit from being part of a more sustainable future with the installation of a bespoke energy solution,” said ALAND founder Andrew Hrsto.

“At ALAND, we are passionate about delivering the latest technology in building construction to homeowners at affordable prices.”

Traditionally apartment owners and renters alike have been unable to access the benefits of onsite solar PV and energy storage solutions. Energy Trade, in partnership with ALAND, has finally changed this by delivering a fully financed renewable energy solution that is set to remain price competitive over the long term.

The Bottlebrush development has been built with the clear purpose of sustainability and building a cleaner future and is one of the first developments of its kind in Australia. Essential to achieving this was the design, development, installation, and commissioning by Energy Trade of 201 kW of solar PV and the installation of 24 Tesla Powerwalls. The installation at Bottlebrush is the largest Powerwall installation in a residential building in Australia.

“It makes me so proud to see this site ‘live’,” said Energy Trade sales director Darren Read.

“Knowing not only the positive impact this will have on the environment but also the community who live here is so exciting. This is just the beginning – we live in the perfect environment to benefit from solar and batteries and with this flagship development Energy Trade is truly leading the way.”

The PV system captures solar energy which is stored in Tesla Powerwalls and used to offset the common area energy usage. The configuration of the installation means that the Powerwalls will discharge at peak usage times to reduce the amount of energy that is used from the electricity grid.

The Tesla Powerwalls have a combined total of 324kWh of storage capacity which is sufficient to meet the entire power load of the Bottlebrush complex, at average usage, for over five hours. The solar PV system is expected to achieve 203 tonnes per annum of CO2 abatement and 70 MWh of power generation per annum. Once fully occupied, approximately 45% of the overall site power load is expected to be met by carbon-free electricity generated and stored onsite.

The Bottlebrush complex is one of a number of projects that Energy Trade and ALAND have partnered together on. They work hand in hand to lift the standards of homes that they deliver to their customers.