Parramatta Eels 2018 jersey reveal

Aland is excited to announce the release of our much anticipated 2018 Home and Away sponsorship jerseys with the Parramatta Eels, which are available for purchase from the Parramatta Eels online store.

The inspiration behind the design derives from the 1960’s and 1970’s era with the iconic gold and blue hoops representing the foundation of the club. The jersey worn by the Parramatta Eels Club Legends Ken and Dick Thornett, provided the Jerseys name tioday, being the “Thornett Jersey”.

The Clubs CEO reflects on the Jerseys dark marine blue and golden colours as representation of the rich and strong identity of the Clubs history, still emanating into the present now, being one of the nation’s longest standing and biggest rugby league club in Australian history.

The representation here metaphorically aligns with Alands strong and steady growth in the marketplace as a leading Sydney property developer and construction group. Aland are proud to be part of this growth and prosperity and looks forward to a strong and vibrant 2018 as the Clubs proud Major Sponsors in its brilliant blue and golden colours.