Rebate of 1% of the purchase price upon settlement of the purchase of a residential apartment in the Qualifying Development



Participation – (Purchasers)

Participation in the Incentive is available to:

(a) single person Purchaser;

(b) multiple person Purchaser; and

(c) entity Purchaser,

who or which has previously purchased (completed purchase) an ALAND unit.

Participation – residency restriction

This Incentive is only available to permanent residents and citizens of Australia.

Participation – age restriction

Purchasers / Referrers must be over 18 years or age or have the authorisation of their parent / guardian to participate in the Incentive.

Incentive Period:

The incentive period will operate until further notice and can be terminated by ALAND at its absolute discretion.

How to participate

To participate in the Incentive, each Purchaser must:

(a) during the Incentive Period:

(i) enter into a contract of sale for a residential apartment within the Qualifying Development; and

(ii) pay the full deposit required under such contract of sale; and

(iii) settle by 1 December 2025.

(b) comply with the terms of such contract of sale at all times and without default;

(c) complete such contract of sale in accordance with its terms; and

(d) not extend or delay, or attempt to extend or delay, settlement of such contract of sale;

(e) comply with the terms and conditions of this Incentive; and

(f) Complete, sign and return a Collateral Deed to 8-10 Gould Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136 by the date the deposit is required under the contract of sale.

Qualifying Development

Qualifying Development means a development by ALAND

This Incentive applies to the residential apartments available within the Qualifying Development during the Incentive Period.


A rebate of 1% of the purchase price.

The rebate can be applied to the purchase price payable by the Purchaser under a relevant contract of sale, and set-off the purchase price as an adjustment in favour of the Purchaser at settlement of the relevant contract of sale.

The rebate is not a price reduction.

Each Purchaser is responsible for informing their lender (if any) about the rebate.

For the avoidance of any doubt, any notation or statement in relation to the rebate will not be reflected in the contract of sale, rather the rebate will be dealt with by way of the Collateral Deed.

Are there limitations on Incentives?

There is only one Incentive available for each contract of sale. Where a Purchaser is a multiple person Purchaser, (that is, where more than one person is noted as the buyer or purchaser on the relevant contract of sale), then the Incentive will be offered jointly to all persons.

Each Purchaser is permitted to receive multiple Incentives during the Incentive Period. The limit on Incentives to be received will be dependent on the number of contracts of sales entered in to and completed by the purchaser

Purchasers who:

  1. as at the start of the Incentive Period, have an accepted or exchanged contract of sale for a residential apartment within the Qualifying Development; and
  2. during the Incentive Period, cancel or terminate such contract of sale, are not eligible to receive an Incentive.

For any cancelled, uncompleted or terminated contracts of sale, whereby settlement does not occur, the Purchaser will not be eligible to receive any Rebate Incentive. In the circumstances an Incentive is incorrectly applied, the Incentive must be refunded in full to the Promoter as a debt due and payable. All information provided by Purchasers in connection with the Incentive must be true and correct. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW).

Collection of the Incentive

This Rebate Incentive will be paid by way of cheque / EFT to the Purchaser. The Purchaser must collect the cheque from 8-10 Gould Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136 on the date advised by the Promoter. The date for pick-up of the Incentive will be once the contract of sale has been effected and the residential apartment has settled.

Purchasers should pay particular attention to:

  • any unusual or onerous restrictions on the method of participation, if any (see the “How to participate” section of the Schedule and Part D of these terms and conditions); and
  • the Promoter’s limitation of liability (see Part G of these terms and conditions).


  1. Information on how to participate in the Incentive and the Schedule form part of these terms and conditions.
  2. By participating in the Incentive, Purchasers accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions include the Schedule above.
  3. Purchasers must comply with these terms and conditions to participate in the Incentive.
  4. Where there is an inconsistency between the Schedule and Parts A to H of these terms and conditions, the Schedule will prevail.
  5. The governing jurisdiction of these Terms & Conditions is New South Wales


  1. The Promoter will collect and use each Purchaser’s personal information for the purposes of:

(a) conducting the Incentive (which may include disclosure to third parties for the purpose of processing and conducting the Incentive) and for Incentive purposes, public statements and advertisements in relation to the Incentive;

(b) providing information to the Purchaser about the products and services offered by the Promoter and its related companies; and

(c) research to improve its products and services.

  1. By participating in the Incentive, Purchasers consent to the use of their personal information as described in clause 5.
  2. Purchasers may access, change and/or update their personal information by contacting their sales agent.


  1. If the Schedule permits Purchasers to be under the age of 18 years, such Purchasers must seek permission from their parent or guardian to participate.
  2. The Incentive will not apply if the participant exceeds the threshold limit of incentives allowed by the Promotor for the residential apartment in this Qualifying Development by the Promotor.


  1. To participate in the Incentive, each Purchaser must comply with the ‘How to Participate’ section of the Schedule.
  2. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to request verification of the age, identity, residential address or any other information relevant to participation in the Incentive of all Purchasers. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any Purchaser who provides false information or fails to provide information that is reasonably requested by the Promoter.
  3. The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Purchaser who has:

(a) provided incomplete, indecipherable and/or offensive material as part of their participation in the Incentive,

(b) breached any of these terms and conditions;

(c) breached any of the terms and conditions of the contract of sale; and/or

(d) contravened any applicable laws or regulations or otherwise engaged in unlawful or improper conduct.

  1. The eligibility of Purchasers to receive an Incentive is solely within the discretion of the Promoter.
  2. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected communications / Rebate Form.
  3. If participation in the Incentive is online, by telephone or SMS, the Promoter assumes no responsibility for any failure to receive any information or for inaccurate information or for any loss, damage or injury as a result of technical or telecommunications problems, including security breaches. If such problems arise, then the Promoter may modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the Incentive.


  1. Each Incentive is not transferrable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
  2. All taxes (excluding GST, if any) which may be payable as a consequence of receiving an Incentive are the sole responsibility of each Purchaser.
  3. The Purchaser’s use of the Incentive is entirely at their own risk. Before the Incentive is provided, the receiver of the Incentive may be required to sign an agreement to release the Promoter from and indemnify the Promoter against any liability arising from or in connection with the Incentive.


  1. Each eligible Purchaser during the Incentive Period will receive an Incentive.
  2. The eligibility of Purchasers to receive the Incentive is solely within the discretion of the Promoter.
  3. The Promoter reserves the right to request each Purchaser to provide proof of their identity and/or proof that they were responsible for participating in the Incentive.
  4. Each Purchaser agrees to participate and cooperate, as required, in all publicity activities relating to the Incentive, including, without limitation, being interviewed, photographed, filmed and recorded. Each Purchaser authorises the Promoter to use such content for advertising and publicity purposes in any media in perpetuity worldwide.
  5. It is the responsibility of each Purchaser to notify the Promoter of any change to their contact details.


  1. Any incentive supplied by a third party supplier is subject to the terms and conditions of that third party supplier. The Incentive may come with terms and conditions that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. If those Incentives are not complied with, then you will have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. Subject to those terms and conditions and rights, the Promoter shall not be liable and excludes all liability (including negligence), for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for damage to property, personal injury or death suffered or sustained in connection with this Incentive except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law including as provided for under the Australian Consumer Law.


The Promoter reserves the right to vary the terms of, or cancel, the Incentive at any time without liability to any Purchaser or other person, subject to applicable laws